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KOKUYO Spring was established in 1999, is a design, manufacture, sales and service as whole spring hardware manufacturer. The workshop area is 6,000 square meters, more than 200 employees, the total investment about USD 12 million.

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Our factory specialize in producing a wide variety of springs.

20 Years Of Production Experience

The KOKUYO Spring founded In 1999 , is a collection of design, manufacturing, sales, services for the integration of hardware spring products manufacturers.

Highly Experienced R & D Team

KOKUYO Spring is a wholly-owned enterprise with more than 80 advanced spring machines. Its products are certified by ISO9001 International Quality System And ISO14001 Environmental Management System.

Senior Technical Personnel

Has more than 200 regular employees, the industry's many years of experience in the backbone technical team to control the overall production process, a number of senior inspection and inspection personnel.

Our Factory

Our Promise and Values

Kokuyo will uphold: technological innovation, high efficiency, dedicated service, advancing with the times, the attitude and spirit of pursuing excellence. Create a world-class supplier of high-quality springs.

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Test and Inspection Instruments

Test and Inspection Instruments

Digital Caliper:Universal tool for measuring sizes. Easy to use and read.
Tests We Can Do for Springs

Tests We Can Do for Springs

Tests are essential to springs. Through tests, we can know whether these springs are good or not. In KokuyoSpring, we carry out below tests to ensure we always get proper springs.1. Size/Dimension Tests. These test will measure dimensions/sizes of your springs after we have

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